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              The last Wednesday of every month from  6 - 7 pm LIVE

January: Fiction & Non-Fiction Authors
Kathy: Mary Allen, Susy Flory & Michelle Murray

February: The Writing Life
Kathy: Jane Daly, Carlitta Scott-Kelly & Lori Sinclair

March: Musical Fairytales and Conversations
Kathy: Linda & Kenneth Champion

April: Journalism
Kathy: One-on-One with Scott Thomas Anderson

May: Sacramento Historical Novel Society
Kathy: Mark Weideranders,

June: Radio
Kathy: Carole Brewer, Sandy & Steve Padilla



January: Break-out Books and Inspire Authors
Kathy, Kathryn Mattingly and Danie Marie

February: Pride of Ione ~ Hometown America
Kathy, Andrea Bonham and Eddy Walsh

March: Gold Rush Writers Conference
Kathy, Antoinette May Herndon, Kevin Arnold, Genevieve Beltran.

April: Manzanita Writers Press ~ Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Launch
Kathy, Monika Rose, Linda Fields & Connie Strawbridge

May: Generations of Readers ~ Grandparent, Parent, & Child
Kathy, Brittani Johnson George with her mother and daughter.

June: Book Clubs ~ The Bookies Book Club
Kathy, Sylvia Troppman, Eileen Lokteff  & Gwen Frisen

July: Children's Books ~ Authors and an Illustrator.
Kathy, Jo Sarti, Carrie McAlister & Jessica Lemley

August: Travel Writing, Songwriting & CWIMA
Kathy: Sunny and Al Lockwood, Carole Brewer

September: Amador Writer's 6th Annual Literary Read
Kathy: Dennis Yancey & JoAnn Sarti

October: Sacramento Author and Artist
Kathy: One-on-One with Tonia Colleen Martin

November: CBA Inspire Authors
Kathy: Elaine Faber & Jennifer Sienes

December: Meet the Readers
Kathy: Anne McConnell, Mary Struck & Kathleen Young

January: Writing History into Children's Book Show
Kathy & guests ~ Betty Ruth Weatherby, Sarah Lunsford, and
Donna Plant.

February: CBA Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference Show
Kathy & guests ~ Patrick E. Craig, Marcia Brim, and Keli Gwyn.

March: ABA Gold Rush Writer's Conference Show
Kathy & guests ~ Antoinette May Herndon & Amy Smith.

April: National Poetry Month Show
Kathy & guests ~ Monika Rose & Denella Kimura.

May: YA and Middle Grade Genre Show
Kathy & guests ~ Shannon Dittemore, Kimberly Norton and
Sarah Armstrong Garner.

June: Publishing Books Show
Kathy & guests ~ Tami Tresvaskis, Helen Bonner, and
Betty Ruth Weatherby.

July: Non-Fiction, Plays, & Screenplays Show
Kathy & guests ~ Indigo Moor, Amy Smith, and Eddy Walsh

August: Poets & Authors, and Show
Kathy & guests ~ Kathie Issac-Luke, Pam Mundale, June Gillam and Ralph Sanborn.

September: Faith & Historicals
Kathy & guests ~ Sarah Lunsford, Denise Aspinal-Powell, and Laura 

October: CBA Authors & Literary Agencies Show
Kathy & guests ~ Cathy Elliott, Marci Seither & Michelle Ule

November: Amador Writer's Critique Group Show
Kathy, John Clewett, Liz Allenby, and Pam S. Dunn.

December: Journalist and Authors Show
Kathy, Sarah Lunsford and Scott Thomas Anderson.

Monthly Links:

 2012 TSPN TV pilot Authors, Writers, Books, and Beyond Show.
Hostess ~ Kathy Boyd Fellure with her guests, LtoR, Jo Sarti, John
Clewett and Liz Allenby. Anatomy of a Writer's Critique Group.
                                November 15 of 2012

May 2, 2012 TSPN TV interview with Stephanie Farrell, Jackson, CA. The Monday Children's
Critique Group shared their published books and talked about AFWCG's upcoming 2nd Annual
     Children's Literary Read on May 12, 2012 at Clark's Corner in Ione, CA at 11 am.
                         Jo Sarti, Kathy Boyd Fellure, Stephanie Farrell & Betty Ruth Weatherby
"We write, critique, rewrite, critique, rewrite, critique, edit - and then somehow out of all endless hours of work, anguish and prayer - a book is born after a labor of love." -  Kathy Boyd Fellure

September 2014 release
Fourth book in the Saved by Grace Series
By Betty Ruth Weatherby
Other books in this series:
Ship of Mercy
Travel to France in the latest book by Betty. Join the archeological team excavating a castle ruins and restoring a fresco in an old church. There is mystery, romance and lessons in forgiveness.
Charlotte stumbles upon her lost at sea fiancee, David. The only problem is, he had no memory of her at all.

Betty's research includes numerous mission trips to foreign countries over the past twenty years. Her stories place the reader in the midst of adventures in locations they have not yet explored.


August 2014 Release!
Published by Create Space
The fourth book in the Ariana's Rainbow Series
By author ~ Jo Sarti
Illustrated by Colleen Nestroyl

Ariana goes to school!
She carefully selects her backpack and looks forward to adventures
in the classroom with new friends to
share her colorful world.

Winter 2013 release!
Published by Create Space Inc.
Third book in the:
Ariana's Rainbow Series
By Author ~ Jo Sarti
Illustrated by Colleen Nestroyl

Ariana learns how to plant a garden andgrow healthy food. She learns all about vegetables.
There is a teaching page at the end of the book to help readers learn too!

      Jo Sarti's newly published book ~ Ariana's Blue Sweater
                      Illustrated by Colleen Nestroyl
                     Copyright 2012 ~ Create Space Inc.
                          A sweet story about a little girl who sees the world in colors.
                   Her family and pets are a rainbow of color that surrounds her with love.
    See how she knows who is visiting her - Barney the cat, Gamma, Mommy and Daddy...
                                                 First in a series of four books
                                 $9.95/32-page, 8.5 by 8.5 perfect bound paperback.
     Judy Layne - Hector's Flight to Friendship 
    © January 25, 2010 New Line Press
                                         ISBN: 978-1-892851-24-6
Artwork by ~ Kathleen Russell
Book Launch : Clark's Corner ~ 12 W Main Street in Ione, CA 95640
                                        11 am - 3 pm  
                                     February 6 2010                                                               
                   Annette England Conway - No, No Nanette
                             Sarah A. Hodson - Illustrator
                              [email protected]
                               ISBN: 9781450509480
                               © February 19 of 2010
                   8.5" by 8.5" for sale at $12.95 + tax
   Book Launch: Saturday April 10 of 2010 at Well Read Books
                     12070 Industry Blvd/Suite 22/ Jackson, CA
                                         11 am - 3 pm
            Kathy Boyd Fellure ~ When the Birdies Came to Tea
                   Kathleen Flanagan Kresa ~ Illustrator    
                       To be released June 1st of 2010         
  8.5" by 11" on sale for $16.95 + tax on Lulu, Amazon, B&N,iStore
  Book Launch: Saturday, June 5 of 2010 at Tea Era's Tea Room
                      34 Main Street in Sutter Creek, California
                                   11 am - 3:30 pm                
                                   Reading at 1 pm
              Revised Edition Release ~ July 23 of 2010
        With four new illustrations of birds and Nana's aprons!
                       A Lake Tahoe Special Edition
                     August 6 of 2010 ~ $16.95 + tax
       ISBN: 978-0-557-48752-3                          ISBN: 978-0-557-59539-6

Poetry by: Kathy Boyd Fellure                                   Listed on:                                                                     Photograph:                                             
Pages 52 & 53: Poem ~ Mad Dash to the Tea House                Color ~ Vintage Literary Tastes
 PHOTOGRAPHY  by Kathy Boyd Fellure                Page ~
 Black & White                                                            ISBN
 Page140: Sutter Ione Road Creek in the Spring                              Manzanita Writers Press
 Page 169: Canada Goose March Commons Beach, Lake Tahoe  $19.95 plus tax
 Page 186: Sand Harbor Beach, Lake Tahoe, Nevada                     Book Launch Release Date:                           
 ISBN: 978-0-9710435-3-4                                         November 15 of 2014
Manzanita Writers Press                                             Camps Restaurant                                  
 $15.00 plus tax                                                           676 McCauley Ranch Road
 Book Launch Release Date: August 14 of 2010        Angels Camp, California
Leger Hotel, Mokelumne Hill, California                   1:30 - 4:30 pm
 8304 Main Street                                                         No host lunch & dinner. Readings and
 Readings throughout the day beginning at 11 am       Open Mic ~ poetry and short prose
 Lunch and dinner with the authors and artists.            Writer's workshops 9 -11 am
Mr. Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch         8.5 by 11 softcover
Illustrated by Donna Plant                        $16.95 US
Written by Kathy Boyd Fellure                 Published by Lulu December of 2010                                   Order online at
                                                                                                        Available on Amazon,  &
      ISBN 978-0-557-79684-7                   Barnes & Noble 2011                  
The littlest Blake sisters, Sharon & Kelsey,
are upset about being left behind at their
grandparents cabin while their parents and older sisters go skiing at Squaw Valley.
After sharing a yummy cup of hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies, Papa suggests the girls
build their first snowman.
Nana packs a picnic lunch that disappears
and Sharon is certain the snowman ate their sandwiches.
Kelsey thinks her sister is being silly.
Maybe the mama deer and her fawn or the bunny under the thimbeberry bush ate the sandwiches.
What do you think?
The 2nd story in the Adventure Series.
Nana's Tin of Buttons          Available at Amazon,
May of 2011                        Barnes & Noble and
ISBN - 978-1-4583-6954-3
Publisher ~ Lulu Press, Inc
The spring story in the Blake Sisters Lake Tahoe illustrated Storybook series.
Susannah, Katie, Marsha, Becky, Kelsey and Sharon are visiting their grandparents while awaiting the arrival of their newest sibling.
Nana suggests the girls make button necklaces and brings our her tin of buttons. Not all the girls are interested until Nana
begins telling the story behind some of the buttons.
Papa takes the family for a drive around Lake Tahoe to all their favorite places, Commons
Beach and Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City, Camp Richardson, Sand Harbor...
Little Sharon keeps asking, "How long does it take for a baby to be born? Will it be a boy or a girl?"  What do you think?
   Releases ~ October 1 of 2011
                Published by Lulu Press, Inc.
                 ISBN ~ 978-1-257-98896-9
             Book Launch ~ October 6 of 2011
                     Fair Oaks , California
   The autumn story in the Blake Sisters Adventure Illustrated Stories with a Critters and Fish teaching page at the back of the book.
   The middle sisters, Marsha and Becky, leave their four siblings behind at Nana and
Papa's Lake Tahoe cabin and go camping, ALONE, with their parents at Sugar Pine Point State Park.
   Disaster strikes when the Stinky Boys show up just in time for a hike along General Creek. How can this be? Are the sister to be forever plagued, wherever the go, by the troublesome neighbors?
   Marsha and Becky learn a few things along the hike and encounter the critters of the Tahoe basin along the way.
   Camp out under a starry night, go fishing, canoeing and swimming with the sisters and share in their newest adventure under the watch eye of a whoot owl, mama bear and raccoon!
8.5" by 11" softcover.       $16.95          Fully illustrated by amazing artist, Donna Plant
                                                                   Written by Kathy Boyd Fellure
    Book Launch ~ Saturday, June 15th, 2013
                11 am - 3 pm at Clark's Corner
                                Ione, CA

Ship Of Mercy ~ Saved by Grace  By Betty Ruth Weatherby
Cover art by Colleen R. Nestroyl
Published by Crossbooks Publishers/A Division of Lifeway ©2011
5" by 8" softcover ~ $18.95
Charlotte ~ Saved by Grace  by Betty Ruth Weatherby
Cover art by ~ Colleen R. Nestroyl
Published by CrossBooks Publishers/A Division of Lifeway ©2010
5" by 8" Softcover ~ $18.95
Unable to follow Moses, a remnant of the Hebrew people flee westward from Egypt. After elud-
ing treachery and enduring hardship, they finally find a home in West Africa. Among the trea-
sured remembrances they carried was a star sapphire amulet, which becomes revered as a totem
by later generations and eventually finds its way into the hands of Charlotte Lanover, an intel-
ligent, capable teenage girl who yearns for a new adventure to take her away from the small-village missionary life her family leads.
The dark cloud of the Second World War hangs over the region, but the Lanovers do not feel it
as a reality until it crashes down upon them and tears the family apart. Charlotte is thrust from a pleasant afternoon of running with her father, to running for her life from angry, armed soldiers,
with the strange amulet as her only comfort.
Harrowing trials along her journey require Charlotte to face her fears and look deeper into her faith. As she slowly restores her floundering relationship with God and grows closer to the people around her, she begins to wonder if her amulet is truly a gift from God or merely a reminder that God is always with her.
Since placing her faith in Christ at age ten, Betty Ruth Weatherby has focused her worship on  the lifelong struggle to discern God's will for her life. She has been serving churches in various roles since 1963, and she continues to serve the Lord by teaching, writing, and participating in
evangelical missions.
Pepper Goes To Dillon Beach by Betty Ruth Weatherby in Pepper Goes To Dillon Beach by Betty Ruth Weatherby: Pepper, a curious little Yorkie, adventures across California with his friends to see the ocean and all the sea critters living there.
Betty's Book Launch ~ Clarks' Corner All Art Show
12 W Main Street in downtown Ione, California
Saturday, November 20th/11 am - 3 pm/ 2010
Jo Sarti with her newly published book ~ Ariana's Blue Sweater
More DetailWhat I Saw Out The Window Last NightBy Colleen Nestroyl Paperback: $16.95 Ships in 3–5 business days  This item has not been rated yetLegendary Bigfoot sightings by children all around the world