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  Annual Press Release AFWCG Photo Shoot at Hein & Company in Jackson, California


           2014 Press release AFWCG photo shoot at Clark's Corner in Ione, California.

Pam Mundale, Jo Sarti, Sarah Armstrong-Garner, Carrie McAlister & Kathy Boyd Fellure

Amador writers goofing off during the annual photo shoot.

Monday evening ~ Children's/short story/poetry
Tuesday ~ open
Friday afternoon ~ Novel to screenplay
Friday afternoon ~ Intensive novel     

Carolyn Bakken

                                                                                                                Jessica Moore

                                                                                 Pamela S. Dunn

Carrie McAlister

   Kathy Boyd Fellure                                                                                            

The novelists, children's book authors, poets, short story, young adult and screenwriters.

                                             AFWCG founder ~ Kathy Boyd Fellure

   Official release picture  for half the group ~ Betty, Jo, Pam, Kathy, Carrie and Sarah.

TSPN TV Author's, Writer's, Books, and Beyond TV Show ~ Illustrators and Kids Books.
                                   July 23 of 2014 ~ Downtown Jackson, California

ACFW Speaking engagement ~ Kathy
Palo Alto, California                                                          4th Annual Children's Literary Read

Betty Ruth Weatherby and Carrie McAlister ~
Authors and readers the kiddos loved!  Pepper the Dog Series and Why is the Sky Blue?
Carrie has a new book coming out this fall.                                             
                                                                                             Andrew Lemley ~ computer techie
                                                                                             Jessica Lemley ~ illustrator/artist
                                                                                             Carrie McAlister ~ author
     Book signings

Tahoe City Wine Walk
Geared for Games
At the Boatworks Mall
760 North Lake Blvd
Carol & Brad Hester
June 21st of 2014
Noon - 4 pm/rain or shine

Author ~ Kathy Boyd Fellure
Children's Read at 1 pm.


Writer's Conferences

2012 ~ Mount Hermon, Christian Writer's Conference book signing party.
Kathy Boyd Fellure signing books and sharing a table with Ethel Herr, and
telling author Sarah Lunsford about the book, "When the Birdies Came to Tea".


Amador Writer's Group Founder, Kathy Boyd Fellure, at her Bear Cub Adventure Book Signing ~ Kings Beach, California in the summer of 2013. Sugar Pine Gifts Store owner, Barb Van Maren, a book launch or signing for Kathy every summer, including at her previous location ~ Lauren's Garden by the Lake in Tahoe Vista.
Barb sells vintage and reproduction books, antiques, toys, puppets and stuffed animals, games, vintage linens, aprons, kitchen utensils and dishes, handcrafted and painted furniture, an assortment of lake signs and accessories for cabin living, candles, toys, , totes, and playthings,  and then books and more books, and more books!
8623 North Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA

       2013 AmadorWriter's Group Press Photo
     Back row LtoR ~ Kitty Haspel, LaDonna Romero, Donna Plant, Jo Sarti, 
        Gini Grossenbacher and Tom Haspel. Front row LtoR ~ John Clewett,
                 Kathy Boyd Fellure and Betty Ruth Weatherby.
        Not pictured: Irene F., Lawrenzo Manza, Sarah Armstrong Garner, and
                                              Pam S.Dunn.
                                  Liaison - Scott Thomas Anderson


    John & Kathy with their spouses ~ Anne & Joe                                   


  Starting the year of 2013, waiting for Pam Mundale to join us in June and Sarah to finish her      screenplay class in March and return. Missing our liaison, Scott with the Sierra Lodestar.

                                       The grand re-opening of the Ione Library
                             Kathy Boyd Fellure and Jo Sarti attended the ceremony.

           Amador Fiction Writer's 2012 press release photograph ~  © Indigo Sky Photography
           John Clewett, Gwen Bodhan, Sarah Armstrong-Garner, April M. Quist, Joanne Pace,
                     Kathy Boyd Fellure, Betty Ruth Weatherby, Donna Romero, & Jo Sarti.
     Not pictured: Ann Marie Garcia, Vince Murdock, Bob Bussell, Jennifer Sienes, Colleen Nestroyl,
                     Dale Lavely, illustrator~Donna Plant, and liaison ~ Scott Thomas Anderson.

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The original Monday night group's 2011 picture. AFWCG member's, right to left; founder- Kathy Boyd Fellure, charter members-Annette England Conway & Judy Layne, April Quist, Jo Sarti and Betty Ruth Weatherby in the Model T. Clark's Corner in Ione, California is our literary home where we meet and hold our annual reads.
AFWCG's ©2011 photo
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This is our Fall of 2009 group photo: Leslie Vasquez, Jo Sarti, April Quist, Judy Layne, Nanci An Ralph, Betty Weatherby, Annette England Conway and Kathy Boyd Fellure seated in the center.
The first offshoot group ~ The Tuesday Evening Ladies: All charter members: L to R
Annette England Conway, Carella Herberger Kathy Boyd Fellure and not pictured -Victoria Collier. This is an intensive novel group that includes YA.
March of 2010 photo taken by Taryn Herberger.
Our new member ~ Sarah Armstrong Garner. Sarah is a screenwriter and fiction novelist.
She and her husband, Josh have a photography business and he is a movie director.
Not pictured ~ Carella Herberger.
There are currently four novels in four genres being critiqued.
This is the newest offshoot group ~  Friday afternoon novel & screen writing.
From L to R: Vince & Heather Murdock.
Vince has a photography business and he
writes screen plays and fiction. Heather is writing her first novel.
Kathy & Sarah are noonlighting as they work to bring their novels to screen .
Individual and small group shots ~
© Kathy Boyd Fellure
Large group shots ~
© Joseph Fellure Sr.